June 19th, 2021

Hello Racers!
Once again, thank you to all of the incredible runners who participated in our 3rd annual Gulch Countdown on Saturday. It is a format that has a little something for everyone. This was truly an awesome and memorable day!
Congratulations to the last man, Zach Szablewski, and last woman, Iris Klein. You both put in an awesome effort and a new race record was set. 
Full Results:
A big thank you again to Adam and Josie Braddock for hosting the event. They provided the food and a welcoming location to collapse when there were no more laps to be had. 
We were fortunate to have the amazing Ryan Thrower there shooting photos during the event. He captured all of the magic.

We added a few photos and videos that were used for live posts to IG during the event.

It is really fun to see Abram Elwell’s vision of a unique race come together and be celebrated as it is. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!
Nick Pembroke
Race Director

Last man and woman standing: Zach Szablewski (18 laps, 39.2 miles, course record) and Iris Klein (11 laps, 24 miles).

Top 3 men: Zach, Will Jones (2nd) and James Wenzel (3rd)

Top 3 women:
1st: Iris Klein, 2nd: Kim Jacobson, 3rd: Shannon Rolbiecki

Fastest Lap of the day:

16:10 Zach Szablewski

18:52 Iris Klein

Race Report by Greg Kroleski

January 4th, 2020

Results are loaded to Ultrasignup! (Placement is determined by distance and then finishing order)

Congrats to the 2020 winners! Last Women Standing Emily Geyman (12 laps, 26.2 miles) and the Last Man Standing John Maxwell (16 laps, 34.9 miles)

Fastest lap of the day goes to Mariangela Cruz 19:44 and John Maxwell 15:34

Women’s Podium: Emily Geyman, Mariangela Cruz, Gretchen Walla

Men’s Podium: John Maxwell, Zach Szablewski, Will Jones

Thanks to all the racers and all the volunteers for making this an exceptional event!

Photos by Ryan Thrower

Short Film by Ryan Thrower

Video of the race by Steve Chapman.

Men’s Podium
Women’s Podium

June 8th, 2019 – Relay

Photos by Dan Clements

Photos by Brendan Rudack

Results are loaded into Ultrasignup. It shows overall placing and the distance completed by the team. I wasn’t able to split it into the three categories of Men, Women and Mixed. It’s a little confusing but I think that’s the best I can get it.

Interview on the Movement Maker Show

Mukilteo Beacon – Hidden Gem Inspires Japanese Gulch Runners

Congratulations to the winners!

Men: Will Jones and Nathan Richards with 19 laps (41.4 miles) completed

Mixed: Leah Wessler and Brandon Vaughan with 19 laps (41.4 miles) completed 

Women: Andi Skorheim and Claire Gilfillan with 12 laps (26.2 miles) completed

Overall win went to Will and Nathan. (After 19 laps, both Will and Nathan were not eliminated, while Leah was eliminated and Brandon opted not to run another lap.)

Fastest lap of the day: 
Men: Nathan Richards (14:57)
Women: Leah Wessler (17:20)
Both of these times beat the current Strava course record!

Thank you to our volunteers: Adam and Josie Braddock for hosting, clearing the course and making the hot food and cookie medals; Kristin Elwell for handcrafting the medals for the winners; Dan Clements for taking the photos; Gary Halcomb for engraving the cups and MiiR for donating them; Nathan Yoder for helping with the timing (and designing our logo!); and Robert Torres-Miller for helping with the aid station and picking up the pizza. It’s you guys that make our club great!

Here is a picture of the final scoreboard with all the details.

January 5th, 2019

Race photos by Dan Clements

Race recap video

Race report by Zach Szablewski

Race report by Greg Kroleski

Final recap: 48 starters, 38 people ran a half marathon, 9 people ran a marathon, and 2 people ran 37 miles!

Men’s winners (laps within cutoff): 
1. Zach Szablewski (16)
2. John Maxwell (16)
3. Will Jones (12)

Women’s winners:
1. Amanda Mazzenga (11)
2. Heather Whitlock (10)
3. Mary Flinders (7)

Last Man and Woman Standing
Men’s Podium
Women’s Podium

Thank you Adam and Josie Braddock for hosting! Thank you volunteers Kristin Elwell, Travis Cox, Rose Freeman, Gary Halcomb, Dan Clements, John Berta and everyone else who helped pull this off.

Here is the ordered list of finishers. The “Cutoff” column is laps completed within the cutoff and the “Total” column is the total laps completed. Runners with matching lap numbers are ordered alphabetically except for the top finishers which are in the correct finishing order.